Helping snooze to a more comfortable position

When Snooze appointed us in late March we were thrilled, but also conscious of the short timeframe – only six weeks – to develop a robust brand platform and integrated campaign that would change perceptions and deliver ongoing retail success.

A comfortable niche

We needed to develop a platform for Snooze that would build affinity for years to come, anchored in the brand’s vision, values and promise, and act as a consistent vehicle to communicate retail messages and achieve immediate sales targets.

By starting with the fact that Snooze has the unique experience and tech to help customers take the guesswork out of buying a bed, we created an ownable market position for Snooze as the destination for expert advice on all things comfortable.

The creative shows a range of people basking in the ‘comfortable’ that is unique to them, with specific executions to launch the new Snooze Profiler, Snooze’s proprietary system helps people find a bed that may better suit their needs.

Introducing the new snooze profiler

Snooze has long been trusted for its expertise in helping Aussies find the bed that’s right for them. With the launch of the new Snooze Profiler system, we had exciting news to share, but there was also a bigger opportunity – to reinvigorate the brand and drive a deeper connection with consumers beyond a functional positioning.

“We’re thrilled with the work Whippet has developed within an extremely tight timeframe. It was a pleasure working with a senior and nimble team who understood our current challenges and were able to deliver a flexible platform that can evolve with our business.”

Irene Tutek

Brand, Content & Campaign Manager Snooze

Encouraging all aussies to find their comfortable

The campaign launched nationally on May 28th across TV, radio, press, digital, social and in stores.

Says Simon Beaty, Managing Director at Snooze Australia: “The introduction of the Snooze Profiler takes Snooze to the next level and maintains the brand as Australia’s leading bedroom specialists.”

The project covered

Concept development | Television production | Photography | Radio | Digital design | Asset creation | Point of Sale | Asset guidelines