Making Christmas merrier than ever for Priceline

Hot on the heels of our makeover to Priceline’s approach to tactical campaigns,
our next project was to help make Christmas 2019 bigger and better than ever for sales.
As the largest trade period of the year for Priceline, our task was to create a concept
that celebrated Priceline as the go-to destination for looking and feeling your best throughout the entire summer and festive season.

Preparing for a fabulously festive Christmas

Considering our recent success in refreshing Priceline’s POS and tactical campaign strategy, we knew we wanted to continue in the same direction – namely a more modern, fun and stylish design aesthetic, paired with playful language for more cut-through. We presented a few different design concepts to the Priceline team, with our “feel fabulous” direction received as a clear favourite.

Embracing the power of star power

When we first caught wind that Priceline was toying with the idea of bringing Chrissie Swan on as a new brand ambassador, we were super enthusiastic as we felt she would be an excellent fit for the brand. Naturally, we wrote up a script straight away with Chrissie as the star. As soon as we shared our concept with the Priceline team, they wanted to bring it to life, so that’s exactly what we did.

A busy shoot in a busy store​

When it came to the day of the shoot, we were ever-so-slightly wary that we’d be filming in one of the busiest Priceline stores in the country in the lead up to Christmas – on a Saturday, no less. Thanks to a joint effort from Whippet and the Priceline team – and production by Two Tractors – everything went off without a hitch and the shoot was heaps of fun. Chrissie even found time for a few selfies with fans. With a new brand ambassador, and fresh approach to POS and tactical campaigns, Priceline is now ready for their merriest Christmas ever.

The project covered

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