Welding a tough brand together

Even the toughest tools need a strong brand to back them up. Whippet was tapped by Total Tools to build some serious branding so that professional tradies and genuine DIYers would give The Michigan Welding Company’s range of powerful, durable and reliable welding machines a second look.

Mig welder Michigan

Making a point on pricing

A foundation of the new brand design was the new price-point lockup. As the graphic device with the most repeated use – and the one carrying the most important information – we gave it instant visual association with the brand, kept it simple, and built in the flexibility to enable effective use in all channels.

Reliable branding for reliable products

Whippet developed a distinctive look and feel for Michigan, as well as a comprehensive and intuitive brand guide to assist the rollout of the brand across their full range of welding machines, accessories and consumables. You’ll find Michigan Welding Co. products on the shelves at Total Tools right around the country.

The project covered

Visual identity | Design asset creation | Brand guidelines | Packaging design

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