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Designing beer without the booze.

When it comes to zero-alcohol drinks we’ve gone well beyond the lemon-lime-bitters. Consumers want to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverages without the alcohol. Beer, wine,

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The big retailers going green

With three in five consumers saying they’re now more mindful of their environmental impact since COVID-19, we take a look at the big retailers going green.

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COVID-19 retail innovation round up #3

Another month of COVID-19 isolation, another string of clever retail innovations. Seems like necessity really is the mother of invention, and we’re betting more than a few of these innovations are here to stay.

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MishiPay – it’s no Go, but it’s good.

You’ve heard of Amazon Go, but have you heard of MishiPay? Decathlon Germany has – they’re rolling out the new mobile self-checkout solution across all their 81 stores. We thought we’d take a closer look at how it works.

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