A new payment brand takes flight

flybuys is Australia’s most popular loyalty program, with over 10 million cardholders around the country. Since 1994, flybuys has always made it their mission to help customers collect points and make their everyday shopping more rewarding.

With more and more customers making digital payments, in late 2017 flybuys decided to develop a new payments platform. This platform would allow members to collect more points at more places and also speed up the overall experience of shopping online with flybuys partners. Thanks to our proven track record and a great working relationship with the flybuys and Coles Financial Services teams, Whippet was tasked with helping this new service take flight.

What’s in a name?

Naturally, the first thing for us to do to bring the brand to life was to give it a great name. Significant market research had uncovered a number of key insights, so we built upon these insights and allowed them to guide us while we went about our naming process. Once we had compiled a shortlist of strong contenders and shared them with the flybuys team, our potential names were presented to focus groups. A clear winner emerged – flyPAY.

Colour me happy

The next step was to give our new brand a unique visual identity. Since part of our brief was to ensure the payment system tied-in well with the flybuys brand but could also successfully stand apart, we built upon the flybuys logo and took inspiration from the tech world to integrate cues that implied speed, simplicity and ease. One challenge we faced was that the digital payment world is a sea of blue, but we also wanted to leverage flybuys’ extremely well-established equity. Our blue to purple gradient was the perfect solution.

Preparing flyPAY for lift off

With our visual identity signed-off, our final task was to prepare flyPAY for real-world use. This meant building comprehensive brand guidelines complete with usage rules, as well as developing copy for web, app and out-of-home applications.

After a successful launch, flyPAY is now lining up against digital payment heavyhitters like PayPal and Afterpay, so look out for flyPAY next time you’re shopping with Wesfarmers group partners online!

The project covered

Visual identity | Naming | Copy | Design asset creation | Brand guidelines