Did digital kill the retail store?

If you assume bricks-and-mortar retail is on the way out in favour of ecommerce and digital experience, you’d be mistaken. Retail is definitely evolving fast, especially since the pandemic, and digital innovation has a role to play. But it’s not usurping traditional in-store retail. Just ‘augmenting’ it. According to the 2022 KPMG retail report, there’s […]

Designing beer without the booze.

When it comes to zero-alcohol drinks we’ve gone well beyond the lemon-lime-bitters. Consumers want to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverages without the alcohol. Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, all booze-free. The global market for alcohol beer alone is expected to reach AU$49.2 billion by 2030. We’ve seen booze-free bars and popups in Melbourne, Sydney, and other […]

Retail spaces in the real world: 5 of the best we’ve seen lately

With the world in and out of lockdowns over the last couple of years and uncertainty being the main theme around the globe, it’s been great to see brands innovating and creating some truly impressive retail spaces, both in real life and in the metaverse. From a walk-through billboard to a dual-purpose barbershop to a […]

Retail spaces in the metaverse: what would we do?

The metaverse. It’s no longer coming. It’s absolutely, most definitely, 100% here. As consumers get used to the reality of shopping and socialising in a virtual world, brands are looking to redefine how they interact with them, and sell their products. In a world unconstrained by physical bricks and mortar – where literally anything is […]

Whippet’s top 5 Super Bowl ads of 2022

If there were two trends we noticed in this year’s Super Bowl ads, it was celebrities and crypto. And celebs spruiking crypto.

Allkinds of self-care for all kinds of tweens

Launched in late May, Allkinds is a new self-care brand focused solely on the tween market. We check out the cheeky little upstart.

The big retailers going green

With three in five consumers saying they’re now more mindful of their environmental impact since COVID-19, we take a look at the big retailers going green.

The 5 principles of retail wayfinding

You can lead a customer to water, but it’s not always easy. See the five principles we use to guide clients on the path to perfect retail wayfinding.

New brand or rebrand? A few recent big brand refreshes. 

When does ‘iconic and enduring’ turn into ‘tired and boring’? We check out some recent examples of brands keeping up with the times.

The big brands embracing inclusive design

With the ‘purple pound’ worth £274 billion in the UK alone, the fact big brands are embracing inclusive design is a win all around.